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What is Supplemental Health Insurance

Supplemental health insurance can help cover the indirect costs that medical insurance misses.  In the event you experience  a major medical event, supplemental health insurance can provide protection that medical insurance does not.

Medical insurance only covers the direct cost of a medical event, which typically include hospital and doctor bills.

Indirect costs, such as the loss of income or savings, everyday living expenses such as rent or mortgage, medical insurance deductibles and co-pays, travel to treatment centers, or specialty medical care are not covered by your medical insurance.

Globe Life Family Heritage Division insurance policies can provide the protection you need.  These policies feature a Return of Premium* of benefit.

Supplemental Health Insurance Can Help Pay For...

These out-of-pocket expenses:

   Loss of Income or Savings   Rent or Mortgage Payment
   Deductibles & Co-Pays
   Travel for Treatment
   Specialty Medical Care


Our Insurance Products

Globe Life Family Heritage Division insurance policies provide the protection you need, with the benefit of *Return of Premiums. You may need:

   Supplemental Cancer Insurance
   Supplemental Heart Attack/Stroke
   Supplemental Hospital Indemnity
   Supplemental ICU Insurance
   Supplemental Accident Insurance
   Life Insurance


We are Training Agents

As an agent you will offer the following Supplemental Health and Life Insurance Policies from Globe Life Family Heritage Division.

   Supplemental Cancer 
   Supplemental Heart/Stroke 
   Supplemental Hospital Indemnity
   Supplemental ICU 
   Supplemental Accident 
   Life Insurance 


" We were surprised and somewhat shocked when our representative came to our door and handed us our Return of Premium check for the amount of premiums we have paid in over the years.  It really did happen! "

- Terry J., Customer - 

" Having had Cancer twice, Globe Life Family Heritage Division was a God-send for us.  The checks come directly to us and very timely.  The money has helped at a real tough time to keep our heads above water.  It's so important to be covered for these things - believe me it can happen to anyone. "

- Larry J., Customer -

" I want to say that I was thankful that we had a Globe Life Family Heritage Division Accident Policy when we received $2,100.  This was paid prompt.  We will keep this policy.  Thank you for being there when we needed this coverage. "

- Leotha D., Customer -

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What is Return of Premium?

*Return of Premium is a benefit that provides for the return of paid premiums, less claims paid, after the policy has been in force for a specified period of time (usually 25 years) or when the policyholder reaches a certain age (usually 65).  Premium paid, less claims,  may also be returned if the policyholder dies (or when both the policyholder and spouse die and are covered under the policy).  Return of Premium is not available in all states, and where available, benefits will vary.  Please see your Globe Life Family Heritage Division Agent for complete details.